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We’re here to make an impact!

Team airec is here with a mission and that is to help businesses like your make informed business decisions and onboard the right fit for their dream teams.

Our Mission

Our founder has spent over 15 years in the industry, helping businesses in recruitment and building high performance teams. Based on extensive experience across verticals, he knew that sourcing the right talent and hiring the right fit continues to be the biggest challenge for companies. With that problem in mind, he aimed at building a product that would help companies make informed hiring decisions. Our mission is to help people and businesses be better at recruitment, save their precious time and money, and invest the capital where it should be.

Our Team

We’re folks driven by the mission to make an impact. From founder to recruiter and technical team, everyone shares the same vision.

Our Culture

We’re driven by rich professional values that guide the way we do business and the way we interact with our clients and team members.

Our Product

We are not just a software product company; we are redefining recruitment experiences that will impact the lives of millions in the coming days.

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