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airec helps you make the right recruitment decision by helping at every step of the hiring process. Get to know the product features below!

What is airec

airec is an AI-powered recruitment platform that helps you make the right hiring decisions. Using AI/ML, it automates manual processes, builds talent pipeline, screens candidates, conducts interviews, and provides data and intelligence for the right fit. In short, the AI module becomes your hiring assistant at every stage of the game.

CV Screening

Using a very intelligent AI algorithm trained on thousands of real-world CVs and profiles, the platform goes over the data to screen the profiles/resumes and match them with the past hiring patterns and the job descriptions. Hence, it saves your time by ranking the candidates’ profiles and getting the right fits in a faster, automated fashion.

Interview Automation

The platform becomes your hiring manager even if you are not on the desk or enjoying vacations. It shortlists the candidates based on your set criteria, schedules their interview, conducts Q&A as defined for the role, analyzes his/her speech and language skills, and passes on the detailed analysis to the recruiter. All of this is automated!

AI Potential at Peak

AI is everything when it comes to our recruitment solution. The platform employs artificial intelligence to analyze candidates’ technical, soft, and language skills as defined for the role. This gives recruiters some unbiased insights into candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, interview performance, and key qualifications while saving their time.

Talent Pool

Having a talent pool to use at the time of greater need and urgency is vital. airec helps you develop a steady talent pipeline with a point-based referral system and a leaderboard across the company. By integrating with job boards and/or leveraging your team’s professional network, you can build a steady talent pool to nurture for future needs.

Deep Analytics

Track, compare, and analyze your recruitment cycle at every step and stage of the game. airec provides you real-time intelligence with a dedicated data analytics dashboard that helps understand the bottlenecks, performance on KPIs, best hiring channel, and time-to-hire, etc. So, you always make an informed decision.


airec helps you make your recruitment process a fun drive. In addition to automation of core hiring functions and deep analytics, it helps you introduce a point-based referral system. Since the referrals are rewarded based on leaderboard performance, your team becomes a leading source of faster and quality recruitment.

Deeper Customization

The platform offers greater flexibility and support to the companies and their recruitment teams. Clients can customize airec platform based upon their individual business needs, recruitment patterns, rules and processes, and brand guidelines. In short, your dashboards will have your own brand’s outlook and feel.

Faster Recruitment

as AI can quickly process the applicant-job match, help in shortlisting, and process interviews in an automated fashion.

70 percent Cost Saving

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Better Hiring Decisions

as airec keeps learning your hiring patterns, job descriptions, and hiring priorities - delivering you the right candidates.

No Disruption

as airec does not interrupt your organizational recruitment processes - it can easily learn and be adapted as per needs and SOPs.

Assured Profitability

as your typical operational costs and redundancies will drastically reduce, leading to an optimized hiring system.


with all popular job boards and portals - enabling you to receive resumes right into the system and evaluate using artificial intelligence.

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